What has age got to do with success?

What has age got to do with success?

The headlines are insistent, the average age of founders in the fastest-growing new start ups is about 45. Why? Leverage.

A riff on what what is at their disposal:

  • more nodes, whether connected or not (yet). Solving complex problems requires analogous thinking.
  • networks. They have more people that they know that they can call on.
  • credibility. They have and are seen to have done more. Age related skepticism does not enter into the picture.
  • models. The have ground more of the stone of life – they have been through it before. They have developed models from which to operate in the world, whether they know it or not.
  • perception of time. Age puts them more in touch with to hearing the ticking clock of life. Both energising and allows them to care less about what others think.
  • themselves. The above contributes to the journey of knowing them. As Socrates stated, “to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”. And so the cycle continues.

Rather than deflating those, that have not yet reached this milestone, this is intended to be motivating. Get at it. Try different things. Delve deep where it resonates. Be curious about everything. Look for parallels. Remember the ticking clock.


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